You can’t fool yourself into healing in the matter of a millisecond.

You can’t tell yourself, this is the last day I’m going ot spend crying over this – person, place, property – and move on the next second.

It just doesn’t work like that. Why? Because healing takes time. There’s a reason it’s called a process, time being its main ingredient.

You can try, of course. You can force yourself to not ponder about it, you can distract yourself to the ends of the earth…and yet, in those little moments where your mind is allowed to wander, it will hit you with a force so hard you’re back to the very start, picking up the pieces, once again.

Healing takes time. Moving on takes time, and so, so much courage it came as a surprise to me.

But today, I built up enough courage to do just that. And once I did, I told myself, today is the last day I will allow myself to wallow over this.

Only to realise, the very next second, it just can’t work like that. When it’s something – or someone – you’ve wholeheartedly put all your effort and time into, it’s diffciult to recover; to put it in the past and move on. One needs to accept that. To accept that it’s difficult, to accept that it’ll take time, to accept that there will be days when the very thought of it ruins you, out of the blue, during your most joyful of moments.

But you know what? That’s okay. Because healing takes time, and once you allow yourself of that liberty, you will outgrow it – them – and flourish.

In time.


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