A quandry

As the days pass I find myself fighting to stay awake late into the nights, regardless of how tired it would make me, come morning. You see, a lack of sleep is still better in my eyes as compared to the burdens and pressures I'm … Continue reading A quandry


You’ve got to trust that you’ve done your job

As I near my mid-twenties, I've come to see plenty of my peers - whether friend or foe, or even myself - make shocking changes in their lifestyles, as they graduate from university and into the adulthood. Whether this may be transparent by them moving … Continue reading You’ve got to trust that you’ve done your job

Speak out

I’d been on a recent Gossip Girl binge, for nostalgia’s sake. As I took in the series as a 24-year-old compared to my then 14-year-old eyes, one aspect of the show struck me anew: the normalcy of sexual assault. No, I’m not saying that the … Continue reading Speak out


This one’s for him

I still have pictures of him and us on my phone. Well, I didn’t for a while, but I transferred them in last week so I could have them printed (along with several other pictures of several other people as well). I just prefer having … Continue reading This one’s for him


A coincidental 18 things I learnt this past year, going into 2018

Yet another cliché; but, so what? We're more than 7 billion people here. There are always bound to be clichés. Besides, no matter how many and similar we may be, I really doubt anyone out there has had the exact same year as I did. So this is what … Continue reading A coincidental 18 things I learnt this past year, going into 2018



You can't fool yourself into healing in the matter of a millisecond. You can't tell yourself, this is the last day I'm going ot spend crying over this - person, place, property - and move on the next second. It just doesn't work like that. … Continue reading Reassurance


Upskill yourself

It’s back to work tomorrow, it being Monday. So I’m grateful for having had an hour or two to myself, by the beach with nothing and no one to accompany me but the sound of the waves – just how I like it. Because it’s … Continue reading Upskill yourself